What Content Writers Do and How They Benefit Businesses

November 24, 2022
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Get practical tips on creating higher-performing content for your business

Have you ever read an online article that made such a huge impression? Try to recall the title, what it discussed, and how it was written. What’s so special about it? What made you remember it until this moment? 

Such is the power of words. An article can linger in the recesses of your mind if it is well-written and organized. Some articles may even convince you to buy certain products or services, even something as mundane as water bottles. 

We have content writers to thank for these wonderful digital pieces. Hearing the term, you might think they do nothing special but write, but that’s far from the truth. So to fully understand their role, let’s first tackle the bigger picture: content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Marketing has vastly evolved over the years, from advertisers traditionally putting up huge billboard signs and handing out flimsy flyers to companies going fully digital and using hashtags to promote their brands. 

While some businesses are busy building up their online presence on trendy platforms like TikTok, others focus on a completely different side of digital marketing: content marketing. 

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves developing relevant, well-researched, and worthwhile content for online users. Content marketers go beyond endorsing—they dive deeper into product-related keywords and create content that educates and answers customer concerns. Ultimately, the goal is to attract potential customers and nurture a loyal following.  

Making well-informed web content shows online users that the company knows what it is talking about. As a result, it establishes credibility and trust among its target market and connects better with its audience. Additionally, as the company develops its online presence, it gains brand awareness and recognition. 

What Is Content Writing?

While they do sound similar, content marketing and content writing are different. The former is a marketing approach, while the latter is the actual execution of the strategy. 

Content writing refers to creating and publishing helpful digital content, which entails writing and editing. Professional content writing teams also consider SEO to ensure the written content reaches its intended audience. 

You may think content writing strictly involves blog writing, but professional content writers also create the following content:

  • Email campaigns
  • White papers
  • Social media posts
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • Landing pages
  • Podcast or video scripts
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Benefits of Hiring a Content Writing Team

You may think anyone can write. Everyone who has finished high school can whip up articles with the right tools, so surely, you can do this yourself. So why hire professional content writing services? 

While it’s true that anyone can be a great writer with practice, content creation isn’t merely writing. It involves other factors like research, editing, and optimizing content through SEO strategies

Here is a list of reasons hiring a professional content team can benefit your company in the long run. 

High-Quality Content Produced at Scale

The average number of words written by professional article writers may vary depending on the topic. But on average, they can write 2000 words a day

While you sluggishly write and edit a blog article on your own for an entire week, a team of five experienced writers can finish five 2000-word, well-developed, and engaging articles in a single day. Hiring writers can save you all that time and effort!

You will also receive meticulously reviewed and edited deliverables from these writers, and you can get a regular stream of content if you pay for a plan. 

Update Your Website

Getting regular content from your writers means you can also routinely update your website. Remember that a regularly updated site adds credibility to your business. Content writer services can keep your website fresh by creating up-to-date materials and keeping up with the trends.

Additionally, having a team of writers from different backgrounds can bring new perspectives to your brand through their writing. They can adapt to a certain style or tone that will resonate well with your audience.

Reach the Top of the Search Rankings

Don’t you get excited at the mere thought of your website appearing at the top of Google search results? A team of expert writers can make that dream a reality. 

With their experience and extensive knowledge of SEO strategies, a content writer can dust off the cobwebs in your dusty website and turn it into a bustling and backlink-built blockbuster. 

Experienced writers can also deliver and distribute highly relevant content to your target niche with keyword research, which identifies the top search terms and queries on search engines. 

Save Your Resources

Remember that content marketing aims to build and retain a loyal audience. If you leave content writing to inexperienced writers like yourself, you will likely not achieve that goal. You may even lose your following if your web content isn’t reliable and relevant. This scenario can ultimately lead to fewer sales and possibly put an end to your business. 

You can avoid all this trouble if you hire a professional writing team. A writing team makes your website look more established, attracting more page visitors and cementing your reputation as an expert in your field. Gaining web traffic leads to more awareness, and with high-quality content, you’re bound to transform mere visitors into actual leads and profit. 

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What You Should Know Before Hiring a Content Writer

Are you now convinced that hiring professional writers is the way to go? That’s great! But how can you identify if a content writer is a fit for your company? 

The primary factor to consider is their writing ability. Of course, their articles must be well-written with an organized flow of ideas. But content writing doesn’t stop at good writing; it has to be compelling and well-informed.

Your content must entice site visitors to read more from you. Unfortunately, it will take more than just a few well-developed articles for that to happen. So here are some skills and characteristics you need to look out for. 

  1. Excellent research skills. Before writers can begin the writing process, they must research their topic extensively. You want articles to be comprehensive and thoroughly checked to maintain trustworthiness. 
  2. Simple but effective writing. Whether you’re an owner of a food business or an accounting agency, it will be difficult to connect with your audience if you just bombard them with technical details. So make sure you hire a content writer who can turn complicated jargon into easily understandable and digestible content for your readers. 
  3. Familiarity with SEO. As mentioned, SEO is an incredibly helpful strategy to keep your site and web pages at the forefront of search engines. A solid background in how it works or even just having experience using it is extremely important. 
  4. Highly adaptable. Besides following basic grammar and correct subject-verb agreement, writers must be adaptable to certain writing styles, tones, and voices. For instance, if your brand image is friendly and fun, lighthearted and uplifting articles will connect with your readers better.
  5. Good communication skills. Great work relationships begin and develop with communication. Professional writers must communicate well with you so that you can work with them effectively. 

Get the Best Content Writing Services with Typelab

With how much work goes into content writing, it seems like a huge challenge that may discourage you from trying it. Fortunately, online writing professionals can help you. 

Get an exceptional team of writers for your company. Typelab offers professional writing services that can ensure your website’s growth. Our team of writers, editors, and SEO specialists can develop engaging and high-quality content for your business. 

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Get practical tips on creating higher-performing content for your business

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