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Frequently Asked Questions

According to Orbit Media's 2022 blogging survey, bloggers typically spend four hours and ten minutes crafting a single blog post.

Blog writing involves researching keywords and topics, outlining, drafting, optimizing, editing, and revising. The process alone can take some time. Other factors that might affect writing time include the post's length, the topic's complexity, and the writer’s knowledge and experience.

That's where professional content writers come in. They will handle the entire blog writing process for you and are well-versed in SEO best practices, allowing you to get content that drives results.
Blogging increases the number of indexed pages on your website. Indexing means web crawlers add your blog pages to the search engine index, which gives you more opportunities to appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

Blogging also allows you to rank for specific keywords related to your business. You can do this by using the keywords in your blogs’ titles, headings, and meta descriptions. As a result, search engines can understand what the post is about and associate them with certain topics.

Lastly, blogging establishes your website as an authority in your niche. As people trust you more, your SERP position strengthens, and you get more organic traffic to your website. Also, people are likely to share trustworthy content on social media platforms or link back to it from their own websites. This is known as link building and can drastically increase website traffic.
The frequency of posting should depend on your business’s needs and goals. While some have succeeded by posting one to four times a week, others may need more frequent posts to achieve their goals.

For example, a business that wants to generate leads may want to post frequently to maximize its discoverability. On the other hand, a business whose goal is to create brand awareness might benefit from fewer but more impactful posts shared at strategic intervals.

It is also important to consider the resources you have for content creation. If you have a small team and a limited budget for producing blogs, then perhaps fewer but higher-quality posts might be best. However, if you have dedicated staff and resources for maintaining an active blogging presence, then it could be beneficial to post more frequently so that you remain top-of-mind with your target audience.
First and foremost, the writer should have excellent research skills. Research is essential in creating accurate and comprehensive content that people can trust.

It’s also important to find a writer with a good grasp on writing best practices such as clarity and brevity. An effective writer can create content that resonates with readers by using simple but compelling language.

Finally, the writer should have a solid background in SEO. A good understanding of how SEO works and being experienced in using it can make all the difference in making sure your website appears on the first page when someone searches for topics relevant to your business.